Discover the Hidden Traffic Opportunities on Your Facebook Page

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Did you know you can drive traffic to your website directly from your Facebook Page?

Facebook Pages possess so much potential just waiting to be released. Facebook is not just about getting a few quick fans and some “Likes” to stroke your ego. For marketers who know how to actively use it, massive profits and growth are an inevitable result.

So much opportunity exists for you to use your Facebook Page to increase traffic to your website. And it doesn’t even require a lot of time. In fact, Facebook marketing can bring you a steady stream of traffic for no more than 30 minutes a day of work or less.

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Outsource Your Marketing Tasks and Grow Your Business

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Are you stuck in a profit slump? Do you feel like you can only accomplish enough in a day to simply maintain, but not increase your profits?

If so, it may be time to outsource. There are only so many tasks one person can perform. When quantity starts to surpass quality, the result could be disastrous to an online business.

The Trap

It can be difficult to weigh the advantages of outsourcing, especially when money is an issue. If you are struggling to achieve more, but you do not want to outsource your work, let me encourage you to think about it another way.

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10 Tips to Getting More Comments on Your Articles

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Content creation is not just about the content YOU add to your website; it also refers to the content users add to your site.

In internet marketing, this is called user-generated content.

Comments are not only valuable because they add useful information to a website, but they also keep your website fresh. In addition, more comments leads to a greater sense of community which leads to users spending more time on your site. Visitors enjoying your site and spending time navigating contributes to higher Google rankings. Essentially, user-generated comments are a win-win for any website.

Comments are also a great way to rank for additional keywords you may not have researched and they can help to make your site more relevant to its industry.

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Become a Leader in Your Niche with Video Marketing

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Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to display your leadership potential in a niche. Though videos have been around for years and utilized by many web businesses, they still are part of the “innovative” category and viewers appreciate the media form.

Videos increase your online presence and boost traffic to your website. Essentially, they can “put you on the map.” Marketers shy away from creating videos because they think it involves having a studio, high-priced cameras and professional video equipment. This is simply not true.

Creating videos will put you in a different league. Everyone writes articles, but not as many marketers create videos.

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4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Fan Page is NOT Successful

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Have you started marketing on Facebook? If so, have you ever said to yourself…

  • No one sees my posts
  • I can’t seem to gain momentum
  • Why doesn’t anyone “Like” my Page?
  • How does Facebook help me make more money?

These are the top four questions I hear from people who are unsure how Facebook fits into their marketing campaigns.

But, I am here to tell you…Facebook can be a HUGE success for you…

…IF you know what you are doing.

What are you doing wrong? It’s not necessarily what you are doing wrong, but what you could be doing RIGHT.

Let’s break this down further so I can explain…

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