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The Story of a Reluctant Yahoo Insider
Who Saw Things He Wasn't Supposed To See...

Discovered Dangerous Secrets
He Wasn't Supposed To Know...

... And Escaped With The Forbidden Knowledge that Cracks the Code on Virtually Unlimited Internet Wealth!

My name is Adam Short, President and CEO of Niche Profit Classroom. Let's not mince words...

The Internet marketing niche is out of control.

Websites claiming you can make $274,396 a month by downloading a piece of software and pushing a few

Videos promising loopholes that tap you into secret underground markets that are bigger than Google,
Facebook and Yahoo COMBINED with 6 clicks of your mouse ...

Stupid stories about Russian programmers hacking into NASA and siphoning traffic to your affiliate offers ...

Seeing our industry polluted with these kinds of lies and shameless hype makes me fighting mad!

And the so-called gurus and affiliate hangers on, who congregate in their little cliques selling this kind of
crap, don't like me at all...

They can't stand my brutal honesty about what it really takes to succeed on the Internet...

They despise my outspoken opposition to the rampant lies and misrepresentation that takes place in this business...

Above all, they loathe my annoying habit of exposing their deep bag of underhanded tricks designed to hoodwink honest, hardworking people like you.

... And now - with the bold declaration I'm about to reveal on this webpage - some of them are likely to break out in hives!


... Because I'm vowing to do my level best to take them down, one by one - and I won't stop until the last push-button-make-money liar packs up their medicine show and slinks out of town ...

How do I plan to do it? Simple:

"I Have Made Up To
$1,000 A Day Part Time
Following Your Strategies"

"I never expected it to be so complete and so full of creative and unique stuff that can not be found anywhere else online.

I have made up to $1000 a day part time following your strategies."


First, I'm going to clear away the smoke and mirrors and take you behind the iron curtain of deception that's keeping you from realizing your dreams of Internet wealth.

Second, I'm going to show you exactly how you're going to make real money with Niche Profit Classroom, right here on this webpage. I'll show you WHAT this business is all about... HOW it works... and WHY it works.

Third, I'm going to give you not one, but TWO complete, proven-profitable niche businesses you can have up and running in mere days -ABSOLUTELY FREE- so you can start earning real money online within a few short weeks.

Each of these niche businesses includes a fully designed and functional website that's optimized to attract free traffic from the search engines... a professionally written eBook... a high converting sales letter... all of the keyword and market research done for you... and a 21 day quick-start traffic blueprint - everything you need to begin making sales online and generating cash.

"I Have Been Able To
Sky-Rocket My Online Income"

"After many years of stubling around trying one cockeyed venture after another, I've finally settled into a path I'm comfortable with.

Finally I feel my future is on the right path. I've been doubling my income every month."


If you were to go out and hire a team of professionals to build these niche businesses on your own, they'd
cost you no less than $2,900 a piece, not to mention a huge learning curve and plenty of risk you'd mess it
all up. I'm going to give you two of these turnkey moneymakers - totally done, TOTALLY FREE!

To maintain the value of this incredible offer, only so many of
these niche businesses will be given out. If you get in now and implement it means you have first mover advantage. So

Speed is of the essence here!

"I Have Earned More Than
$3,000 After 3 Weeks"

"All I can say is, "this ROCKS!"
After digesting all of the information provided in your training, I've earned more than $3,000 after 3 weeks. The income still is growing day by day...

I can't wait to create more products and achieve my dream of making millions online."


When we have enough "doers" - actively penetrating these two niches - this offer will be withdrawn and you'll be locked out until we run the promotion again with two fresh niches. Not sure when.

And fourth, I'm going to give you complete, unrestricted access to my full suite of software automation tools and world-class training for 14 days - for just a buck!

So you'll know exactly how to put these niche businesses in
motion... how to brand and customize them as your own... and how to create as many more of them as you please.

And when word gets out about all of the amazing tools and training and support I'm giving away FREE... who in their right mind is going to fork out $37 or $47 or $77 for some piece of garbage that's so over-hyped they won't even tell you what it is in the sales video?

That's right. Nobody!

And when sales sink like a stone for all of the junk peddlers out there, it's going to hit 'em right where it hurts
- like a ten-ton wrecking ball to the solar plexus.

Click here to get started with your two FREE turnkey niche businesses. Or keep reading ...

Are you ready for the blunt truth about
making money online that nobody seems to
have the guts or integrity to tell you?

There is no magic software... no money button... no pixie dust... no tooth fairy. None of them exist.
If you think you can get rich with no self-discipline, self-belief, or willingness to learn, work, and persevere,
you're in the wrong place.

Do yourself a big favor and stop reading this. Online business just isn't for you.

On the other hand, if you're serious about creating a thriving, automated online business - a real business
that produces thousands of dollars each month and that continues to pump out cash reliably for
years to come...

...If you'd like to finally quit that soul destroying job of yours, so you can be there for your family and your
loved ones... while quickly annihilating any debts you may have and relieving yourself of financial stress ...

...Then you owe it to yourself to join me in this fight... by downloading your two niche businesses.

I'll show you how to do that in a few moments, but first I'd like to share my story and give you some important background on this truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ...

Last year, I brought in over $2.8 million dollars in sales from this cozy little home office in our luxury apartment here in LA. We've managed to salt away over a million dollars in cash and liquid investments.

Do you have any idea what it feels like to have that kind of financial freedom and security?

I bought my beautiful wife Margot a brand new high-end BMW. We reward ourselves regularly, by dropping everything and traveling somewhere exotic to unwind and relax. And I recently bought my Mom a brand new home in Las Vegas, free and clear... complete with a pool, hot tub, and other luxuries she could never afford.

Just four years ago - before I met Margot, actually - I was over $40,000 in debt, staying in a dingy, lime green room in my aunt's tiny clapboard bungalow, driving a rusted out 1991 Ford Explorer.

My story - and the stories of the many Niche Profit Classroom students you'll find on this page - is living proof that somewhere in the haystack of hyped up Internet marketing lies, there are a few needles of truth.

And when you can find these truths and apply them, you have the power to break free from money worries... blood sucking employers... and unfulfilling work that makes other people rich but never you.

"It's No Wonder
This Is Making Waves!"

"I have never in all my years online seen so much value packed into one product... Your turnkey niche businesses are nothing short of astonishing. I could not believe the quality of the sites, down to the very last detail. Not only do they look nice, but the content is of top quality."

Gina Gaudio Graves

You can send your kids to the finest colleges and universities... you can give generously to your favorite causes... and you can finally start living the charmed lifestyle you and your family deserve...

Click here to get started with your two FREE turnkey niche businesses worth over $5,800. Or keep
reading ...

My own personal journey started when I left college...

You know the American dream: Get a good job at a great company, work hard, climb the corporate ladder.
Well that was me.

I was bright, had top grades, and landed a position as a marketing aaanalyst at a company called Overture - at the time the largest search-engine company in the world.

You know why they call it the American dream, right?
It's because you have to be asleep to believe it.

"I Was Floundering
Until I Joined Here..."

"Now, it is not unusual at all for me to do two days of work to build sites that pay me $200 per month, for many months.

This is the best investment of my time ever and I'm now making a great full-time living from this."

David K

Each day I'd battle rush hour traffic from LA to Pasadena, two hours there and two hours back. The work was boring, and the environment tense.

If you're reading this, it's a pretty safe bet your heart sinks when
you think about getting up on Monday mornings and heading off to work after a blessed weekend enjoying your family. So all of the unpleasant details you're likely imagining about this little scenario are probably pretty accurate - arrogant, self-serving bosses... petty office politics... just enough pay to keep you just above broke. You get the idea.

Anyway, my job was to run revenue reports on pay-per-click advertising accounts. And I was stunned - gob smacked is probably a better word - by the size of the bills that some people were running up, hundreds of thousands of dollars a month! Imagine yourself in such a position.

"Within A Few Weeks, I Started To Get Literally Hundreds Of Dollars A Month From This Simple Product.."

"I took about 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon, located a niche and quickly created a short e-book and put up a very simple, one-page web

site... Within a few weeks, I started to get literally hundreds of dollars a month in profits from thsi one simple product. This has continued for many months now and has resulted in thousands of dollars of profits.

I know that if I simply repeat this process over and over, cash flow will never be a problem, ever again! No more 9 to 5, no more putting up with cranky bosses or driving across town to work!"

James Robinson

All I had to do was run a trend report and it was literally like having a heat map that pointed you to where the big money was being made. Now how long would it be, before you'd be planning your escape?

I started learning everything I could about online marketing to try
and cash in on the same markets where I saw these pros making a killing.

Can you see yourself spending 65% of your paycheck on Internet marketing home study courses and software? Sounds nuts, right?

Well I spent over $24,000 on these products in just a few months and stayed up into the wee hours of the
morning each night studying them and trying to put them to work.

During this time I fell for every guru trap in the book...

"Tons Of Pure Learning
Content Explained Very Clearly
Without Any Of The Hype"

"I looked at many many courses by so many different internet marketers - some whom were great... for a while, and then some who seemed like snake oil salesmen. Plus, some of these courses were ridiculously overpriced at $2000 or $5000 or more.

When I found Niche Profit Classroom, I was skeptical but willing to hear it out. The site is well done with tons of pure learning content explained very clearly without any of the hype and distraction I experienced with others.

I also really like the experiential learning he offers by providing turnkey niche businesses to actually go out and just do the exact things taught beore you even have to worry about creating your own niche or content. It's all provided."


Collectively, they nearly devastated me.

It wasn't until later - when I became involved in the e-business niche myself - that I discovered how ruthless many of the players in this industry really are... and how far they're willing to go to rip off the consumer.

Some of the most devious of them are even using covert hypnosis and highly destructive NLP mind hacks on their websites to swindle you.

And every day these routines get slicker and more difficult to defend against.

They even have names for them: Like ...

The Scrambler - When you're under the influence of The Scrambler, your reasoning mind tends to shut down. And you're much more likely to accept ridiculous, pie-in-the-sky product claims.

In this weakened mental state, SEEING BECOMES BELIEVING.

If you've ever been on a web page plastered with dozens of screen shots of clickbank earnings or images of checks showing affiliate or Adsense earnings... maybe even real-time traffic and earnings feeds from actual users of "so-called" traffic-getting software... then you may already have been exposed to The Scrambler.

"Niche Profit Classroom Rocks!"

I was sick of looking for a decent Internet Marketing education. I was sick of going to all the "GURU" sites only to have them try to upsell me and never really teach me anything.

Finally I came across the Niche Profit Classroom and that's when it all turned around for me.

NPC has given me an education in a step by step no bull way that had me up a running in profit mode straight away.

Bottom line is this. You can waste your time and money with all the Rip Off Artists / GURUS or you can INVEST your money in an education that will pay you dividends many times over."


It's like a Vegas magic
show run amuck...

The clickbank earnings screenshots and images of checks are most likely doctored with photo shop. Or if it's actual video footage... what you're looking at has nothing whatsoever to do with the tactic, software or strategy for sale on the webpage.

And the real time traffic and earnings feeds? Just a clever
mirage... thanks to a little software script that cycles through a list of bogus names and numbers.

Then there's what they call...

The Self-Esteem Destroyer - Yeah, the self-esteem destroyer... isn't that a bute?

This vile routine works to actually destroy your self-confidence as an entrepreneur. When you're under its spell, you believe the only thing you can do to make money is "cheat" ...

This usually means exploiting some loophole that supposedly allows you to "game" the search engines or pay-per-click networks.

Of course the only one getting "gamed" is you. The vast majority of these loopholes are pure fiction. And the few that are real as temporary as an ice cube on the sidewalk on the fourth of July.

"No Excuse to Go Around in Circles, Confused and Clueless"

"Every marketer is selling us how to make money online, but the real crunch is in the missing pieces of the jigsaw and tying it all together.

Niche Profit Classroom doesn't sell us an empty promise, instead it leads us through the mechanics of setting up profitable niches, and gives us all the training and necessary tools, and even complete niches to customize or model.

With NPC everything is about creating niche profit sites, leaving no excuse to go round in circles, confused and clueless. Off to build my sites now.

Giovanni Dattoma

And then there is what's known as ...

The Void - Realize this: The guru's ultimate goal is to turn you into a weak and dependent lost lamb...

One of the best ways to do that is to make you feel inadequate, like there's a gapping void in your life that needs filling. That's why the sales pages are covered with images of the guru living the high life.

One minute he's gunning the accelerator behind the wheel of a fire engine red Ferrari. The next minute he's piloting a 40-foot yacht. The next, he's cavorting in a pool of crystal champagne with models and movie stars.

When you feel envious - like your own financial situation leaves so much to be desired in comparison - you're much easier to con.

Now, there are more routines, of course...

The best scams combine several of them into a potent cocktail of deception... complete with phone calls from high pressure boiler rooms determined to bleed you for every last drop of available credit.

So there I was with over $24,000 worth of
useless eBooks and software on my hard drive...

"I Just Had My First
Hundred Dollar Day..."

"I followed everything to the letter (for a change), and got results within a few weeks. I now see great traffic to my sites, and this means great sales, and all for free as I have fantastic organic listings as well as some low cost PPC campaigns."


Let me take that back. Some of the eBooks did actually throw you a bone or two of useful information, even if it was buried in subterfuge and riddled with holes that I had to try and figure out for myself.

I was like a detective trying to sift through a mountain of rubbish looking for clues. Nonetheless - through sheer bull-headed determination on my part - the puzzle pieces gradually began coming together ...

I start putting up little websites and making money with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. You may have tried these things and failed. But here's the crazy part ...

Within eight months - despite wasting my time and money repeatedly on guru shell games that lead
nowhere - I'm making more money with my little websites than they're paying me at Overture.

"I was very Skeptical"

"I was looking ro the Internet marketer's gold mine for almost a year, and almost gave up on the idea of making money online.

Now I am fully implemented with this in the Dutch market and making a steady income iwth it. This will work in every country or region in the world."


Big mistake!

Within a few months the great Google slap hits. People stop
coming to my websites. And my income craters.

It was The Self-Esteem Destroyer in action.

Without access to the Yahoo revenue reports, I'm flying blind.
And without that insider information, the system I cobbled
together on bad advice becomes practically useless. I had been building on sand.

About that time the company was sold to Yahoo. And two weeks later, I quit. I mean, wouldn't you?

The Guru beatings continue...

I start living on credit cards, borrowing from Uncle MasterCard to pay Aunt VISA.

You're probably wondering why I didn't just get myself another job... maybe I should've... but the thought of eating crow in front of my friends and going back to the corporate grind seemed unbearable.

"This Really is a Full-Fledged
Niche Marketing University..."

"I can't believe you're giving away FULL niche websites, but also giving away marketing blueprints to go along with them.

What more could I ask for?

This is absolutely amazing, and I have learned so much from being a member for just a few weeks."

Liz Tomey

You know, there's a point when you start getting addicted to this stuff. You taste a little success. You experience the thrill of seeing money coming in that you created entirely on your own - no strings attached, nobody to answer to.

And you realize that for the first time in your life you may just be on the verge of realizing the kind of freedom that most people can only dream about.

And that's what I'd always wanted -
more than anything else in life -
to be free, to call my own shots.

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't feel the same way.

So I forge on, trying to keep my head above water, desperately experimenting with different things. I buy
courses and software I can't afford. I sit at the computer from dusk until dawn... studying, implementing,
tweaking and testing.

"This Training Is Totally Life-Changing!"

"Imagine an Internet dummy like me could set up a site, get it indexed and making a sale within my first month!

Can I say idiot-proof?"


And I'm scraping a few nickels. See, the really sad thing about all of these make money online scams... is that you can make a few bucks here and there. That's what suckers you in... but it's never ever anything close to what the hype-artists claim in their sales videos.

Certainly wasn't enough to keep me from sinking deeper and deeper in debt. Not that it mattered.

I kept buying the stuff.

I became a card carrying get-rich-quick-scheme junkie. The very last person in the world I wanted to be.

Within six short months of quitting my job I'd racked up... get this - over $40,000 in debt!

I was chasing wild geese down blind alleys
and the red ink was overflowing like the Nile...

"I Can't Imagine Anyone
Planning To Start An Online
Niche Information Business
Without Your Program"

"I estimate that the tools, in-depth training and blueprints have already saved me over ten months of trial an error testing.

Your mastermind gruops also have been extremely hepful and I find the community to be a positive inspiration. I consider NPC to be an invaluable resource."

George G

I was a wild-eyed wreck - barely sleeping, rarely shaving...
living on a steady diet of Kraft dinner and Ramon noodles.

Finally I decide to call a "time out" and head north to my
hometown of Seattle. I flop with some high school friends and
clean myself up.

A few days later I land a job at Expedia...

It's living hell. Can't be more than a week before I'm pulling all-
nighters again. But this time it's different...

You dip yourself in acid as long as I had and you start getting hip
to the guru tricks. I stopped looking for magic bullets and cut
back on my spending.

I got very serious with myself and began painstakingly looking at everything I'd done online over the past year - examining the keywords I was targeting... comparing search volume... competition... and a variety of other factors.

You do this and you come to realize there
are patterns to things...

"Within 3 Weeks the Site Began Generating an Average profit of $1,576 per Month..."

"In one weekend I reviewed the NPC training. I took that learning and applied it to an existing niche site I already had, but was making money.

Within 3 weeks the site was generating an average profit of $1,576 per month... Yes, I am ecstatic.

I have shelves of IM products collected over 3 years. None of them provided the success I have had with the training in NPC"

Ian McConnell

The handful of affiliate programs where I was making any money at all had things in common.

1 - You could target them with keywords that people used when they were actually looking to buy something. We call these "money words" in Niche Profit Classroom.

2 - these keywords have relatively high search volume, so you know they have enough horsepower to take you quickly to the money.

And 3 - there are relatively few websites coming up in the search engines offering relevant products against these terms - the competition is minimal.

And I reasoned that if I could find fifteen or twenty opportunities that fit this pattern I could start turning things aroun. Heck, thirty or forty of them, and I could buy a new car, pay off my debts, even escape my cubicle at Expedia.

I didn't sleep a wink that night and called in sick the following morning. I started calling in sick a lot, because
some of my new sites began pulling in cash.

"I Am Thrilled At The Results
That Are Starting To Take Place
For My Website"

"I have just started implementing the Money Word Matrix and I am thrilled at the results that are starting to take place for my website.

I really love the videos and real honest depth that Adam delivers in all of this training. It's fantastic!"

Diane Dick

I was doing classic niche marketing... finding little profit holes in
the grid the big boys couldn't be bothered with... $200 a month
here... $300 a month there.

The profits were predictable,
passive, and reliable.

But they were small...

And as you can probably imagine, it was a lot of work doing the
keyword research, building the sites, creating the content, finding the hottest products to sell, getting all of the backlinks I needed to generate traffic and everything else.

It was slow going, like trudging through quicksand... but picture yourself in my position.

"Outstanding Techniques"

"Before joining NPC I was doing Pay Per Click Campaign where my losses were greater than my earnings. I had wasted a lot of my money.

After joining NPC I have created two sites selling my own product entirely with free traffic."

Aziz Bhabrawala

For the first time in a long while you feel you're moving forward. Gradually your sites are building traffic. Your portfolio is expanding. Your earnings are growing.

I was making over eighteen hundred dollars a month, easily
enough to cover the hosting fees, membership site dues, pay per click charges, and other expenses.

And then the hammer fell...

I called in to work sick one too many times. And about ten minutes later I got a call from some muckity muck in the human resources department at Expedia. "Short, you're fired! Don't bother coming back."

That same week I had a horrible break up with my girlfriend of 7 years.

And I remember thinking to myself: Adam, your life had been so full of promise. Where are you really going
with all this? I desperately wanted to believe, but I was losing faith.

The only thing I had left was this fantasy that one day I'd strike it rich. The reality was...

The rent was overdue... collectors were
calling... and I was quickly running out of options...

"To Say That NPC Was A Turning Point In My Life Would Be An Understatement"

"I bought everything that I 'thought' would help me reach my goal.

But I would sit in front of mycomputer thinking 'What am I doing wrong?' I know I'm not stupid, but why can't I figure this out?

Not so with NPC. You just follow the steps and there's nothing to figure out.

To say that NPC was a turning point in my life would be an understatement. After years of feeling like a 'failure', I finally feel confident that 'yes' I can do this!"

Therese Braunecker

So I made arrangements to crash at my Mom's place for a few weeks.

Have you ever let someone down that you love dearly, not necessarily your mom or dad, maybe a son or daughter who depends on you?

Or wished you could do something special for that person,
perhaps help them through college or out of a jam of some kind
- and you were helpless to do so?

It's a little personal and difficult for me to say this. But that's
exactly how I felt about my Mom...

She'd retired a few years earlier from Northwest Airlines with a
nice pension - 27 years of service. But about that time,
executives there, wiped her pension right out. Overnight. Gone. It was front-page news.

Thousands of former Northwest employees who relied on the
pensions they had been promised were betrayed ...

Tossed out on the street like yesterday's garbage!

"I joined NPC as a
Complete Newbie"

"I now have 4 online webistes and 4 more in the works. I have sold over a dozen books in one of the ready-made niches offered by NPC and have 40 subscribers. I have written my own eBook for another site and sold 2 books in the first 21 days on the site's launch.

I am looking forward to future success and am confident that my websites will be paying for my children's education."


So the whole family - my mom, my younger sister, and me -
we end up sleeping on cots in a relative's basement.

As a kid I'd watched my Mom work her fingers to the bone trying
to give my sister and me a decent life. We were always under
financial pressure and it took a big toll on her.

Heck, part of the reason I was biting down so hard on "the damn
dream" was because I'd made a vow as a teenager to make
enough money to look after her one day.

So coming home to this kind of financial crisis was probably the most dispiriting moment of my entire life.

You might think that would be enough to break my spirit and make me want to be a good employee. It wasn't. If anything, it made me more determined than ever.

I soldiered on...

The relatives are giving me funny looks, wondering why I don't work. Everywhere I go reminds me of my x-
girlfriend. A few months later I can't stand it any more and move to Tucson to stay with my Aunt Jodi.

Her house is tiny. My room is a lime green "box" at the back of the house.

And life just keeps getting worse...

I'm driving a dilapidated 1991 Ford Explorer, fenders wagging in the wind - the ultimate chick magnet.

I don't ask any girls out on a date anyway. No confidence. I just stay at home click clacking away on the keyboard hoping for a miracle.

Other people are making money online. Why not me? Why can't somebody just show me the way?

Around this time I get a phone call from a guy who says he works for a guru I'd just bought some software from a week earlier. He asks me a few questions and suggests I might qualify for their ELITE coaching program.

"With Your System I Know
Exactly Where To Begin"

"I just joined 12 days ago and the knowledge I am gaining is so amazing. Your step-by-step training is so detail and professional. I am in in awe of the knowledge that you are imparting.

Finally, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait to finish all the lessons and I look forward to launching my first website using your method in just a few days time."


I'd just managed to secure a new credit card with a $2,500 limit, just enough to enroll in their program. Have you ever noticed how fate seems to come to your aid when you need it most?

So we arrange a call with the "district manager" to see if I've got the stuff. By the time I get on the phone with the two of them I'm so darn confused and frustrated personal coaching sounds like just what I need. So I go for it.

Hands On Help And Advice, About
As Useful As An Appendix...

They drain my credit card and the next thing you know I'm
dealing with some flunky who seemed to have earned her online
marketing diploma from the inside of a cereal box.

She keeps telling me to do things I've already tried and that I know are totally wrong and can never work.

"My Financial Future
Is Looking Bright"

"When I stumbled upon Niche Profit Classroom, I was desperate to find a way to make money on the Internet. I had tried other programs, but nothing seemed to click.

For me, Niche Profit Classroom has been a great way to earn money, but even more than that, it has renewed my hope. I know now that I can earn a living online and provide for my family. I also know that I have found people and a program I can trust."

Lou Mindar

I hang up the phone... lay my arms down on the desk... my head flops. Then abruptly...

IN A BLIND RAGE... and with all of my strength... I sweep the

computer and monitor off the desk and clear across the room.
They crash onto the floor.

"That's it. I'm through!"

I actually felt better for my surrender... or as I preferred to call it, my return to sanity. It was as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

In the meantime, my mom has moved into a retirement residence in Sun City California. I make arrangements to drive down there and visit her for a week.

It's about 7am in the morning when I arrive in Sun City.

The Explorer's motor starts ticking louder than usual and the engine light comes on as I pull into the parking lot. (Hot women mob the vehicle and I have to beat them off with a snowbrush.)

"Follow The NPC Plan,
And You Cannot Fail"

"For over three years I've been going around in circles, without focus and chasing one thing after another.

For the first time I am finally on the right track and sticking to a simple doable plan. I have NPC to thank for that. I don't belong to any other membership sites now.

Follow the NPC plan, and you will have the right foundation in place. You cannot fail"

Elise T

My mom greets me at the door with her big brown eyes and
compassionate smile. The smell of bacon and eggs fills my
nostrils. I sit down at the table in the tiny dinette and she pours
me a cup of coffee and serves breakfast.

I begin telling her of my troubles and my decision. And I expect
her to be relieved and supportive. I'm looking for sympathy... but
as her face scans me... all I can sense... is disappointment.

Later that evening she sits down behind a small secondhand
loom and starts working on one of the brightly colored quilts she's been selling each week at the church bazaar.

After a time she says, "No doubt I'm wrong and you're right, son."

She seems to look right down to the bottom of me as she continues, "All of my life I've spent caring for people - you and your sister... the passengers on the airline... the doctors I transcribed for on my days off to make ends meet when you were a boy.

"I Will Succeed And Build A Sustainable Online Business BBecause Of What I Have
Learned At NPC"

"A frew months ago I ran across NPC. After hearing a little bit about it I thought it was worth a try. Well, let me tell you... I was blown away!

I jumped right in and started putting one of the turnkey niche businesses together before I even got close to finishing the instruction.

These niche business are AMAZING, the value is unbelievable... they make it so easy for ANYONE to get a site up and running and it saves SO MUCH money & time that you would have to spend on outsourcing or product development.)"

Karla Deacon

"I've done these things all my days and I've never been paid a lot of money. It's been often hard and painful.

"But wealth or no wealth, pain or no pain..." and I can still see her adjusting the machine to begin stitching the next row. "I cannot help but do what I was put on this earth to do."

Well I understood.

Gradually I began having second thoughts about quitting...

And on the third night there, I logged in to my various accounts and realized I'd earned $853 in the four days since leaving Tucson.

Now this wasn't typical, but I hadn't lifted a finger to earn that money. And for some reason I went from feeling like a failure to feeling proud of myself and very grateful for having money coming in. It wasn't much, but it was almost completely passive income.

It was a base that I could build on if I could just figure out how to automate and streamline the creation of
more sites.

You just can't get an idea that powerful out of your head:
Do something once. Get paid over and over!

"I Am Building A Nice
Stable Income"

"You have renewed my faith in Internet marketing gurus.

After repeated failure with other programs, finally, this course has changed my way of thinking and helped me build what I really wanted all along - a nice stable income without a while lot of work on my part."


I drove my decrepit Explorer to the corner Firestone and dropped $1,800 on a new timing belt.

While I was watching them work I got to thinking: What might it
cost to build an Explorer from scratch this way?

You might laugh, but I actually sat down with a calculator and
began trying to figure this out. What do you figure - maybe a
half million bucks?

That's when it hit me!

This was exactly the way I had been trying to build my online
business. No wonder I was failing!

Oh sure, I have tools, I thought to myself. So does the repair shop. But what I need is an assembly line for mass-producing money making websites, just the way Ford has an assembly line for mass producing Ford Explorers.

"In The 5 Days Since The Site
Has Been Live I've Had 50
People Sign Up"

"I'm here to tell you at that his definitely works and you can make some good money with it.

In the 5 days since the site has been lie I've had 50 people sign up for the sales letter package all driven to the site by article marketing.

In a world filled with lots of hype or overly complex solutions you guys strike the right balance of providing a system and teaching us precisely how to implement it."


I get this crazy idea for a
piece of software...

At long last, I knew in my bones I had grasped the incredible
secret that was out there waiting for me to discover all those

It wasn't about loopholes. It wasn't about getting in on the ground floor of some new marketing revolution.

It was about basic nuts and bolts principles and processes. It was about providing value for value, and automating every single aspect of bringing that value to the consumer.

I find a coder in India, and within a few weeks I'm ready to test
my new software and my crude assembly line idea on eight new

I'm able to launch all eight sites in
under a week. Ten days later, it starts ...

"It Just Does Not Get
Easier Than This"

"One of my biggest challenges throughout the years has been (mis)information overload. This problem is completely removed with your step-by-step training. No hype, no fluff, just what has to be done, why and in what order.

The turnkey niche businesses are amazing! Research: done, (Money Making) Kewywords: done, Ebook (product): done, Audio (upsell): done, Articles: done, 10-part email course (for prespects): done, Website (with squeeze page): done, Salesletter: done, Traffic Blueprint: done, Meta tags for SEO: done...

It just does not get easier than this. All I have to do is unzip the package, personalize the content and upload everything to my own site. I can now have a brand new niche up and running in less than an hour."


Two of the sites sprout traffic.

Just a few visitors at first ...

The following morning, four more sites break through.

The next day all eight sites have genuine, honest-to-goodness
humans visiting them and clicking my affiliate links! I make three
sales for $85 in commission.

The following day 4 sales came in for $79 in commission.

The day after that, 7 sales - I made $114 in affiliate commission.

Eight sites straight to the money in
just three and half weeks...

It was a major breakthrough... and just as I knew they would,
they kept on producing!

Every day since, in fact - for three and half years - like
clockwork, those same sites have been averaged around $100 a
day in pure profit. I've nearly forgotten about them and they're
still making me money.

Now let's stop and do the math here for a second: $100 a day for three and half years. That's over $100,000 and counting... for three and half weeks work.

"I've Created Multiple
Top Shelf Websites"

"You showed me how to pick a product, step-by-step i I mean, that one nugget right there is worth the price of admission.

I've been in programs where I've paid ten TIMES as much as this one per month and couldn't get that one tidbit to get me going.

Now, with your help, I've created multiple top shelf websites!"


Do you know what I did next?

1. Yeah, I made a detailed diagram of every single step
required to find a profitable niche and build a site capable
milking it for every available dollar...

2. I analyzed every single procedure, counted every
single mouse click, and slashed every redundant
action out of the process...

3. Then I worked on getting additional software programs
created to take myself out of the loop.

A few weeks later I was ready to put my second-generation
assembly line to the test. And the results were astonishing. I halfed my production time - AGAIN!

Over the next three months I put my little assembly line to work and built over a hundred profitable sites in
weird little niches like these:

Science Projects Discus fish care Organic gardening
Chandeliers Aquarium LED lighting Humidifiers
Gas range reviews Speaker wire Outdoor furniture plans
Dwarf hamsterst Plant care Saline aquariums

I bet you never thought you could make money with such things. You can. There are tens of thousands of
profitable little niches like this out there waiting to be mined. The even crazier thing is you can penetrate
them entirely with free traffic ...

In month four my income erupted to over
$30,000... and the CASH just kept surging faster -
like a busted water main...

"I've Already Had 11 Sales
Of My e-book"

"I have been a NPC member for three months and I've launched my first product, "Home Organization Secrets for Busy Moms".

Since Launching this product, based on the NPC format, I've had 11 sales of my e-book and many new sign-ups to my list."


How long would it take to kick your financial demons to the curb
with $30,000... $50,000... $100,000 and more coming in every

Seriously, what would you do with that kind of steady cash
flooding into your bank account?

Maybe a ranch in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains... a villa
on the Mediterranean coast... or a cottage in the Caribbean...

How about a few toys to play with along the way - cars...
yachts... exotic vacations... the thrill of spoiling your family with
lavish gifts?

Within two months I'd cleared away every single debt. I bought myself a brand new Audi Turbo. I started dating again and that's when I met Margot.

"I Hired My First Three Employees"

"NPC has helped me with three things mainly:

1. A simple proven methodology that work, sunder solid business practices.

2. Very detailed and wll explained video trainings.

3. A methodology for outsourcing and managing people so they can build the business for me"


And it didn't stop there.

I'd barely scratched the surface on what was possible...

I started studying the world's top industrial automation geniuses.
W. Edwards Deming and others... people you've probably never
even heard of.

And I began applying the world's most sophisticated production processes to building moneymaking websites.

Before long my assembly line had produced more than 300 profitable sites. The majority of them began pulling in between $250 and $1,000 a month - some a little less, some substantially more.

These are simple little sites that are quick and easy to build with the tools I'm giving you. Here, check out this video and I'll show you a couple right now.

I built a hugely profitable 7-figure empire that allowed me to begin enjoying life again... respecting myself...
taking time off... eating well... piling up cash and investments... and traveling the world in style.

But the biggest thrill of all was being able to buy my Mom this luxurious home in Las Vegas. She'll never have to worry about money ever again thanks to the power of niche marketing and the automation processes I developed.

Eventually I started helping others to use them too. And in December of 2008, Niche Profit Classroom at was born.

I made it my mission to help people like you by sharing my hard won secrets, systems, and software... so
you never have to go through what I did.

I created Niche Profit Classroom and these two FREE turnkey niche businesses to help you turn the tables on the Web Wolves and build a better life...

Just look at what you're getting for FREE with this unbelievable offer. I'm handing you not one, but TWO turnkey niche businesses - proven moneymakers!

  You're getting all of the painstaking market research done for you in two guaranteed-lucrative niches! My team and I have prepared a concise market profile and game plan for quickly extracting maximum profits in two virtually untouched niche markets.  
  You're getting keyword lists stuffed to overflowing with the most profitable "money words" in these niches! We've sifted through thousands of keywords and rejected all but the most profitable... so you can begin attracting cash-in-hand buyers as quickly as possible.  
  You're getting two professionally authored 75-Page eBooks! We've thoroughly researched these two powerful niches to pinpoint the specific information people are willing to pay for. And expertly compiled and formatted that information into high value eBooks, complete with eye-catching professionally produced graphics.  

Sell these eBooks and keep 100% of the profits!

Just look at what you're getting for FREE with this unbelievable offer. I'm handing you not one, but TWO turnkey niche businesses - proven moneymakers!


You're getting top quality search-engine-optimized content for your websites - six professionally researched and written articles for each business. Not those stupid articles written in broken English designed to trick the search engines. Real, valuable information people want to know.

When people type your "money words" into the search engines, these articles appear near the top of the listings. Potential buyers click through to your websites, they read these articles, and they're automatically pre-sold on ordering your eBooks!


You're getting a 21-Day Traffic Generation Blueprint! We're guiding you day-by-day through the exact steps required to quickly and easily build your free traffic channels.

In about three weeks time, these channels will begin effortlessly funneling new buyers to your websites 24x7 and making you money. And they'll keep making you money for years to come!

  You're getting professionally written sales pages for your eBooks, including visually stunning header graphics and eBook covers! Your website visitors will be given clear and compelling reasons to buy, and it's all done for you!  
  You're even getting a professionally written series of email follow up messages that automatically go out to people who come to your sites but don't buy on the first visit.  

"I Learned How To Zero In
On Profitable Markets"

"I was the typical "newbie" looking for the typical "get-rich-quick" scheme.

Then I found Adam and NPC and knew this was different than all those "other" sites.

NPC is a place filled with incredible "insider" information and content. The videos are so informative and easy to follow, my kids could do this!

Adam and Allen are two people you can really trust to give you all the information and tools you need to succeed and make money - without holding any information back!"

Julie F

As you can see from this breakdown, if you were to try and hire
qualified e-marketing professionals, writers, and graphic artists to create these turnkey niche businesses from scratch, it would cost you over $2,900 a piece - more than $5,800 for the two of them!

I want you to have them totally FREE with a 14-day trial
membership in Niche Profit Classroom.

These profitable niche businesses are yours to keep and make
as much money with as you like, regardless of whether you
remain a Niche Profit Classroom member, or not. No strings are
attached. They're yours - free and clear - forever!

And as I mentioned before, I'm not going to flood these niches.
Only so many licenses will be awarded. We'll reach a reasonable level of penetration and that's it.

Best part?

Your Niche Profit Classroom trial membership is just $1.

"Adam Lays It All
Out On The Table"

"I am one of those Internet marketers that has probably tried every eBook or training software out there that has made some claim of making the ordinary person rich overnight.

None of them ever delivered on their promise and I was tired of my inbox being clogged iwth all the promos. So, what made me decide to look at NPC? I was drawn in by the quality of training that was being offered with all the step by step videos that anyone can follow and learn at their own pace. But I was mostly impressed with his HONEST approach and down to earth, no fluff training and information.

Adam lays it all out on the table so that you can implement every trick and strategy that he himself uses to make money online. He doesn't hold anything back out of greed of selfishness. I know that I am getting everything I pay for and more by being a member of NPC.

Thanks Adam for making this program available and sharing your success and strategies with us and knowing there is an abundant supply of opportunity out there for all of us to have.

You've laid out the road map with detailed directions on how to get from point A to Z with no fuzzy gray areas in between.

I truly appreciate all of your hard work that went into making this possible. The internet world could use a lot more honest and genuine people like you. Keep up the awesome job. You are changing peoples lives!!!"

Heather Rottum

Click here to get started, or read on for complete details ...

You'll have free run of NPC - all of the valuable training and
automation software is at your disposal.

Your membership includes everything you need to launch your
two free niche businesses. All of the tools to start making money
quickly are there!

And if you like the progress you're making with Niche Profit Classroom at the end of your 14-day trial - and I'm sure you will - do nothing.

You'll be automatically accepted as a full-fledged member. Your low monthly membership dues of just $67 will be billed conveniently to your credit card. And you can build as many more moneymaking sites asyou want.

Here's a quick peak at what's included:

You're getting step-by-step,
video-based training ...

Let me take you by the hand and guide you through the rapid
creation of profitable niche businesses using our advanced suite
of software tools.

In these videos I go way beyond showing you how to launch your two FREE niche businesses.

I'm teaching you everything you need to know about using
my assembly-line technique to make as much money as you
could ever want... with Adsense, affiliate marketing, and as a
publisher of your own stable of lucrative information products.

You're getting VIP access
to my full suite of softwareautomation tools ...

"I've Never Seen Such Amazing Results With So Little Work..."

We improved our unique visitors by 126% (and we've been in the market for 2 years) - more page views, about 83% improvement - orders improved by 43%!

Don't let my competitor's filthy hands on this product."


Forget about the bogus one-click-wonder software being flogged
online these days...

I'm offering you a whole suite of highly developed automation
tools that have been tightly integrated into a full-blown niche
profit assembly line.

You're getting Niche Profit Press, our easy-to-use template-driven website builder. There are hundreds of little tricks to creating an attractive, sales-generating website that rises quickly to the top of the search engines.
And every single one of them is built right in to this software.

NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED. Just fill in a few fields, copy and paste your content, and the software takes care of the rest. Your website is automatically uploaded to our Niche Profit Premier Web Hosting service, also included. You're saving hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars a year in hosting fees.

"You Have Given Us The Tools To Start Making Money Right Away!"

"I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great membership site. This is by far the best membership site I have been a part of. It's well organized, you provide A+ video training and tools in detailed weekly lesson plans that members have access to upfront.

I love your keyword matrix. That has made the difference between money keywords and missing the mark like I have been doing.

I am so excited to be here and to be able to have the strategies and insider tips that will take my business to the next level!"

Karen Krueger

You're getting Market Profiler, our push-button-easy software for quickly zeroing in on the most profitable niches.

NO GUESSWORK, NO RISK. Just input a few fields and Market Profiler instantly ranks a given niche as "poor", "fair", "good", or "excellent" based on the very same factors that have allowed me to pull down a fortune in over 300 profitable niches.

You're getting our MoneyWord Matrix Keyword Tool.This amazing software allows you to pinpoint profitable keywords with sharpshooter accuracy.

NO MORE WASTED TIME fooling around with keywords that don't bring you sales. This takes you straight to the money!

I'm even giving you software tools for creating effective sales letters and newsletters. You're getting the exact same proven templates that have made me millions. Just fill in your details and you're ready to go.

"You Program Is The Very Best"

"I think your program is the very best one of this kind out there today and believe me,

I know I have THEM ALL!

Harry Crowder

My entire niche business factory floor is at your disposal!

And it doesn't stop there:

You're getting ongoing
coaching and support ...

I don't ever want you wandering aimlessly in the wilderness of
online marketing... like a sitting duck for the next guru rip off.

So every week we hold LIVE Q&A via teleseminar where you can ASK ANYTHING you want about making money online.

"Now I Am Making
Money Constantly"

"I am actually an intermediate internet marketer. I have ventured into many internet marketing areas for the past 3 years, such as creating adsense niche sites, gone into PPC (lost some money), gone in creating my own products (not much results), and participated in affiliate marketing too.

I was confused and also very lost when it comes to making money online until I joined NPC.

After reading the sales letter, I signed up for the membership wihtout thinking, though I am already a member of 4 subscription-based websites. I intend to close some of these subscriptions and fully concentrate on NPC."


And every other week we hold mastermind sessions via webinar. You'll share my screen and learn exciting emerging profit strategies for taking your business to the next level.

You'll NEVER have a question that doesn't get answered ...

And you'll NEVER get stuck building your websites... or any
other facet of your niche profit business...

There's even a busy member's-only forum where you can meet
new friends and business associates.

Think of Niche Profit Classroom as a movement... a long over
due rebellion against the tyranny that's been taking place online
for far too long. I want YOU to be part of it.


The circle jerk of "gurus" and
their affiliate goon squads are
banking on YOUR failure...

Right now, they're sipping Mai tais by the pool somewhere - living the high life AT YOUR EXPENSE - gloating about how clever they are.

"Truly a Blueprint for Success"

"I have ecountered many Teachers on the Internet who claim to be able to guarantee immediate success for anyone who joins them.

Unfortunately, the truth is they were making money from teaching rather then from direct experience and on many occations I was scammed where I signed up only to find that they did not honor their promise.

Not so with NPC. It is truly a blueprint for success. Every implementation that I've executed has brought about the expected result."

Wayne Fonseca

They think you're too green and naive to grasp the true
power of what I'm offering you here.
Isn't it time we proved
them wrong?

They need you to be weak, desperate and hungry, because think about it... if you start making money with what I'm giving you here... they'll NEVER be able to SCAM YOU ever again.

Then they'll be the ones groping around lost in a dark forest of depression, debt, and anxiety.

Are you getting the picture?

Your success in spit of these THUGS is the sweetest revenge of all!

You have a choice:

You can continue getting stepped on, and your dreams of a better life ground to a pulp. (Between the soul stealing corporations who want to use you up and spit you out... and the cold-blooded vermin trying to sell you moneymaking crap online... you don't stand a chance.)

"I Was One of Those
Hard-Headed Newbies"

"Despite spending thousands on courses and memberships, I was one of those hardheaded newbies, who couldn't get my head around this business, until I discovered NPC's Educational Methods.

The detail of the NPC course allowed me to take action for each phase of developing a complete moneymaking website. Over the last three months I have been able to cmplete more work and develop more sites than the work I have perormed in last 18-months to scale my IM Business."

Timothy Whobrey

Or you can FIGHT BACK by joining the thousands of other
Niche Profit Classroom students already living your dream

Instead of working for "the man" and getting beaten down day-in-day-out by that lard-headed boss of yours... you can be "the man" (or woman)... working as much or as little as you like on projects that please and enrich you ...

Instead of living in fear that your job is going to be declared "redundant" in this brutal economy - and worrying yourself sick about your exploding debts and nose diving net worth - you can be confidently taking total control of your finances once and for all.

"I'm Starting To Build A
Sustainable Business"

"Watching your video on the - Money Word Matrix - was such an "ah ha" experience for me, I could do nothing but stare at the screen in awe.

I've been studying this stuff for a long time and couldn't understand why my articles etc., NEVER produced any results AT ALL!... Until the money word matrix. Finally, everything clicked into place and made sense.

Finally, I think I have something that will have profound effect on my life. I'm starting to build sustainable business, rather than getting lucky and selling a product here and there."

Dan Eitreimv

Instead of feeling like you're spinning your wheels in your honest
attempts to give your family a better life... you can feel important, worthy, and admired as an ultra-successful breadwinner and provider - a hero in your own home!

This should be the easiest decision
you've made in years...

You've seen how I've made the grim sacrifices and taken the lumps for you... and the very personal reason I'm making this seemingly INSANE offer available to you. Believe me, it wasn't easy for me to bare my soul vthe way I've done here.

You've seen exactly HOW this business works... WHY it works... and exactly WHAT you're getting when
you join my crusade by taking your place as a valued Niche Profit Classroom insider. Not to mention the
dozens of member success stories at the right of this page.

"I Made The First Page
of GOOGLE In 3 Weeks!"

"I am on the first page of Google thanks to your video step by step instruction.

I followed the 21-day traffic blueprint and 3 weeks after I put up my first site I hit the first page for my targeted chosen keyword.

I held positions 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th spots. Yes me! a humble training officer.

This really works!

Two days later my first sale!! I have never been so excited about $15 in my life!

I phoned all my friends to tell them!"

Helen Vaughan-Jones

And I hope you know - in your heart of hearts - that finally, you've stumbled upon something REAL... something WORKABLE and ENDURING... and someone who cares deeply about your SUCCESS.

I take my responsibility as a mentor and a guide very seriously and I will never abuse your trust.

Click here and claim your two FREE turnkey niche businesses worth $5,800 now. Then log on to Niche Profit Classroom... stop by the forum and introduce yourself... start watching the training videos... and begin building your new life.

A whole new world of personal and financial freedom awaits you.



P.S. Remember, this is a strictly limited opportunity. You can rest assured that if you get on board now and move quickly you're locking in first mover advantage in these niches.

"Niche Marketing Was The
Fastest Way To Achieve My Goals"

"Adam quite simply has the most complete turnkey system for quiting your day job and creating your own wealth.

NPC is not only easy, it has blossomed into a community of like-minded individuals who help and share with each other, as we all watch our progress grow."

Anthony M

We're monitoring the licenses we're giving out closely and we will STOP this promotion when a certain level of market penetration occurs. So if you want in, don't hesitate. This offer could come down at any moment. Don't hate yourself later for missing out.

What if I'm right? What if you really can finally put your money worries behind you with what I'm offering you? Follow your gut. Get started today.